ugh. My brain is fried.

I’ve been studying since I first woke up this morning.  I literally have lost a good portion of all of my mental functions.  I feel the way I imagine a drug addict must feel when he comes down off a three day coke binge.  I’m exhausted and have a hard time retaining any of the information that I have been studying.  Because of this I find myself reading each page in my chem book two or three times in order to remember anything.  I still have a ton of studying to do still and the longer I study, the more difficult it becomes.  The sad fact is this; even though I have been studying my ass off for chemistry the past week as well as today I’m probably still going to fail the chem final.  I have half a mind to quit studying for it because I feel that I’m going to fail it anyway.  I won’t do this for obvious reasons, but it is a pleasant thought.  I just re-read this post and ended up deleting half of it because I was rambling and repeating myself.  I hate finals.  This is probably my shortest blog post but I don’t think that I currently have the mental capacity to coherently elaborate any further.

These finals are horseshit.

Finals, in my opinion, are an inaccurate way of measuring what a student has learned over the past semester.  A final exam, actually lets change that to exams in general, are pointless.  In the real world when one is working on a problem in any situation, they are not going to use some memorized theorem or formula.  One might use one that they have committed to memory, but they are going to look up said formula/theorem and double check their work.  That is where exams become pointless.  When it comes to an exam a student has to have all of the information memorized  whereas in the real world a person is expected to look up the information to make sure they have it down pat. In my chem labs I get near perfect scores every time.  This is because the needed information is readily available and I can look up and use the needed theorems and formulas to make sure that my work is correct.  I don’t have to have them memorized, all I have to know is how to use them and have the concepts understood.  I don’t see why one has to memorize every little bit of information presented in a class.  It shouldn’t be expected of a student to do so.  They should just be required to know what tools are required to perform their task and how to use them.  They shouldn’t have to memorize every little detail about the tools.

The cost and emphasis on higher education is flat out rediculous.

The pressures put on children from a young age to go to college is ridiculous.  From early in our lives we are told that if we don’t get good grades, we won’t get into college.  We are told if we get a something as minor as a drinking ticket we won’t get into college (which sometimes holds true in my hometown because a drinking ticket in my down goes on your record as an arrest).  We are also told if we don’t go to college we won’t get a good job and therefor won’t lead full and happy lives.  In todays society it is difficult to get a job with benefits and a halfway decent salary without a degree.  It seems to me that a Bachelor’s degree today is on is becoming the equivalent of a high school diploma in years past.   As my grandfather and others from his generation so gracefully put “It used to be you could get your high school diploma, walk across the street to the steel mill, work there for years with good benefits and pay, then retire without worrying about whats going to happen to your pension.”  I don’t know if it was as simple as that, but I do know for a fact that that it was definitely easier to get a good job with good benefits without a college education back then.  You have to wonder why things aren’t the same.

The thing that I have a problem with is the fact that children led by the misconception that you won’t have a happy life if you don’t get good grades and go to college.  Personally I’d be happy inheriting the family farm and making that my lifelong career.  In fact, I’d rather do that than becoming a physics teacher.  The only reason I haven’t  followed what I want to do is to please my family.  Who’s to say that other people would be unhappy with similar career choices?  With all the stress and emphasis on a college education in today’s society the cost of attending a university or college has skyrocketed.  I realized the other month, when my loan payments started, that I’m going to be in debt for a long-ass time from this point on, whereas if I had not gone to college I wouldn’t owe one cent and I wouldn’t have to worry about house payments because our farm has been payed off for years.  I’m not saying that I regret attending this university.  I’m glad that I’m educating myself, I just think that the whole outlook on higher education is ridiculous.

I think I should have been born in any generation except this one.

I was at work the other day (at the Watterson food court much to my dismay) when I heard an older chef whistling a song performed my Arlo Guthrie.  I told him that I knew that song and called him out for whistling a song about smuggling cocaine into Los Angeles.  He promptly told me that I’m too young to know that song.  That got me thinking.  I listen to music from every generation except music from my own (with a few exceptions).  My tastes include Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, The Beach Boys, The Vandals, The Beatles, The Stones, Hank Williams Jr., and any artists similar to those listed.  I enjoy older movies and often wish I grew up in those times.  I have often been told that I have the tastes of a grandpa.  From my choice in beers and cigarettes, to my taste in music and movies, even my mannerisms and manners have been compared to a grandpa.  I find that the manners and values today are flat out wrong, and I think that suing people is ridiculous.  I have traditional religious beliefs and think that our society is losing many of its values and morals.  I don’t know, I just feel that I’d fit in better if I grew up “back in the day.”

I think Nascar is the best example of irony. Ever.

Over the years people have decided where and when it is ok advertise certain products.  For example you won’t see an advertisement for cigarettes anywhere outside of a tobacco shop or gas station.  You won’t see an advertisement for alcohol in a school building, hospital, or the DMV.  People have found that those are inappropriate places to advertise those products.  You don’t want people smoking because it has a very high death rate.  You don’t want children drinking so you don’t expose them to alcohol.  You don’t want people drinking and driving so you try not to associate alcohol with the automobiles.  If that is the case then why is Nascar the way it is?  Nascar is one of the most ironic examples of advertisement ever.  Alcohol is one of the most dominant advertisements associated with stock car racing.  There are cars that are quite literally devoted entirely to alcohol advertisements.  Busch, Miller, Budweiser.  There are even entire cups that are bought out by alcohol cooperations.  The first association I make with this sport and these advertisements is drinking and driving.  I just thought this as both funny and ironic .


Music is one of the oddities that the world has produced over the years.  Music, in its simplest form, is a rhythmic overpressure of sound waves that any creature with any means of detecting it can recognize.  I think its very odd indeed that everyone enjoys one type of music or another.  Even other animals enjoy it.  My turtle for instance dances and bobs his head whenever I play something with a simple bass line in it.  I’ve even heard of dogs attempting to sing along to songs by various howls and whining pitches.  People have developed a rather specific taste for music.  This has led to the creation of thousands upon thousands of genres and styles.  Music has become such a large part of our lives that it is incorporated into almost everything we do.  All moves nowadays have soundtracks incorporated in them.  Our cars have radios in them which almost everyone uses on even the shortest trips.  Commercials almost always include some music.  There are even multi-billion dollar businesses built solely on music.

Music has a way of setting certain moods.  A song with a low, simple bass line seems to mellow the mood, where as something with heavy treble and a quick beat does the exact opposite.  Something with a major key seems to be more upbeat whereas something in the minor key often seams more melancholy (for lack of a better word).  I don’t think that there is anything more appealing to any of the other senses, with the exception of various drugs, than music.

Christmas is the most iconic holiday, hands down.

Christmas is a holiday that has been celebrated for years upon years.  It may not be one of the oldest ones, but it is definitely one of the most widely celebrated.  Other holidays may be celebrated across the globe, but none have reached the bar that Christmas has set.  Christmas is a holiday this is discussed and longed for the whole year round.  It has been and is celebrated for many reasons.  The original reason is the obvious one; it is the celebration of the birth of Christ.  Many holidays are celebrated for religious reasons, and Christmas is no exception.  The main thing that separates Christmas from other religious holidays, in my opinion, is the fact that Christmas is no longer exclusively a religious holiday.  Many families and individuals who have no religious beliefs whatsoever still celebrate Christmas.  Christmas has also become a commercial holiday, much to my dismay.  It is used as a tool to sell items and make a profit.  You know something is a big deal when large cooperations and companies recognize it.

Because of the numerous reasons that Christmas is celebrated it has became one of the largest and most popular holidays in the history of the world.  There are thousands upon thousands of songs and movies devoted to and based on Christmas exclusively.  There are parties thrown across the globe in celebration.  People’s attitudes seem to go through a positive change whenever Christmas day draws near.  Christmas has reached a level of recognition so high that it dwarfs most other holidays in comparison.  It is for these reasons that Christmas is the most iconic holiday, hands down.